Our Purpose and Ethics


We created Safetymatters to present nuclear safety culture news and insights, and expanded it to include other high hazard activities. We constantly search for the most important items to share with you - providing our perspective on current events and relevant findings in the nuclear arena and other fields. 

We believe:
  • Safety culture is a competitive asset of high hazard organizations.
  • An organization's safety culture will invariably decay over time absent effective reinforcement.
  • Complacency and normalization of deviance are omnipresent threats to safety culture.
  • Self-revealing problems can be the ultimate signs of ineffective or weak safety culture. 
  • Important safety culture artifacts include:
    • Management decisions (goal conflict, esp. safety vs production vs cost, priority-setting and resource allocation), 
    • Corrective action program,
    • Executive compensation, and
    • Backlogs of safety-related work.
Our objective on this blog is to add value to the discussion of safety culture through our personal research, analysis and insights.

Our Ethics

We strive to get the facts right, perform analysis that is complete and robust, present commentary that is fair (even if it is sometimes critical), and accurately recognize and characterize the intellectual contributions of others whose work we cite or discuss.  Although we may disagree with the ideas of others, we do not engage in ad hominem attacks.

We have worked as management consultants in the nuclear power industry but we are not currently part of or beholden to any industry entity or individual.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us.