Monday, February 7, 2011

More Hope

Our prior post highlighted a comment early in the January 24, 2011 Commission meeting to review the proposed policy statement on nuclear safety culture. 

In the context of her advocacy for regulations in addition to a policy statement, attorney Billie Garde stated she “hoped” that proceeding with just a policy statement was the right decision.  We thought her warning of the fallout from a possible future nuclear event would get some attention.  It did, at least with Commissioner Svinicki who sought some clarification of Garde’s concern.  Just prior to this clip, Svinicki had observed that in her mind a policy statement can’t supplant an appropriate regulatory framework in terms of compelling certain behaviors.  No matter what you think about the appropriateness of a policy statement versus other regulatory actions, Garde is certainly correct that the question will be asked in the future: Did the NRC do enough?

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